Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thoughts and Memories

Here are a few of the responses that we received before this site opened:

From Tom Hou:
I am shocked by this sad news. Herb is one of the most important
founding members of our option, and has contributed greatly to the success of AMa/ACM. At the personal level, Herb has been one of
my best friends in the department. He was the main driving force
to bring me to Caltech. We will all remember his kindness, his wisdom, and his many outstanding contributions to applied and computational

From Dan Meiron:
this is very sad news. I think we all believed that with his infinite energy that Herb would be enriching our lives with his good humor and wisdom for much longer.

From Mike Holst:
I interacted with Herb very regularly in San Diego; he was
at our seminar last week. He had also become close with
my family over the last several years; my wife Mai and
I had him over for our holiday dinner just a few weeks ago.

Herb had an enormous impact on my life, both professionally
and personally. I admired him tremendously; he was just
fearless in every respect. He had become one of my closest
friends and colleagues over the last ten years. It fills me
with great sadness that we are no longer going to have the
honor and pleasure of his company.

My sympathies to all of you who also knew him well.

From Emmanuel Candes:
I am terribly shocked and sad. I saw him this week and he seemed in great shape.

I remember an independent mind who did not worry about what other people thought. He was at times eccentric, outspoken, but always charming and lovable. Above all, I admired his joyful spirit and appetite for life.

It hurts to think that that he will not attend the colloquium tomorrow. There will be a void and I will miss him greatly.

From Houman Owhadi:
Thanks for the email Sheila,
He stayed in great shape until the end. My thoughts go to his family...

From Cici Koenig:
This is so very sad! I'm actually crying as i write this and i didn't actually know him that well...........his death seems very tangible for some reason......

I always got such a kick out of him, he was always someone to chat up at the meetings and gatherings. always stories to tell, always feisty. I remember the first holiday party they hosted where Carol Carmichael was talking about how persistent he was about getting her to join his bike group. it would be nice (maybe) for them to mention something at the winter gathering in february but then again, at that point, maybe it won't be necessary. i expect between now and then there will be an out-pouring of sympathy, emotion and every thing that comes with this kind of thing.