Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Professor auf Radl-Tour

Rita Meyer-Spasche has kindly provided a 1993 news clipping featuring Herb - her translation of the article is below. A PDF of the news clipping can be found here.

Article from:
M√ľnchner Merkur, Weekend issue, 11th/12th September 1993;
Pages with mixed news from Munich

Professor on biking tour

More than 2000 km (1250 miles) were covered on bike until now by Herb Keller (68), professor of applied mathematics and head of the computing center at the Caltech institute in California. The tour led him from Geneva through Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna to Prague and Munich, where he also cycled around the Olympic Center. He will go on to Vienna and Budapest. The ultimate destination is England, where he will work for one year, at Cambridge University.


Arieh said...

Herb's ultimate destination at Cambridge University was an office next to mine. We have spent together a most memorable year, followed by my visit to Caltech and endless meetings at conferences in at least four continents.

Herb was more than a fellow mathematician to me, he was one of my closest friends. I respected and admired him for his mathematical skill and broad knowledge, but even more for his wisdom, humour and integrity.

Arieh Iserles

Last November Herb visited Cambridge. Although visibly older (and scarred by endless mishaps on his bike) this was the same Herb I knew and loved, full of life and spunk. Little I knew that this will be the last time. Goodbye, friend...

Don said...

I just cannot imagine no longer having the chance to talk to Herb about science, careers, or cycling. When I think about Herb, there are just so many good memories that I can hardly fathom how much he impact he had on my life. I remember how Herb gave me crucial support and advice when I was struggling to define what kind of mathematician I wanted to be. He gently but firmly pushed me down the good path in which mathematics fits into the broader questions of science. I never knew why he decided to help me and I always put it down to his great kindness for younger people. I can remember so many bike rides and cycling trips, where we shared hardship and good times, and became so close and learned to depend on each other. I can remember watching Herb riding off from Vienna in the rain for another month of cycling after we had just spent a month riding through the Alps together. I can remember Herb’s excitement and joy on the day he introduced me to my future wife. I remember spending an afternoon on the beach outside his condominium in San Diego, where he spent hours explaining how various things worked to my son.

I am devastated by Herb’s passing. But I am comforted to know that he lives on because of the positive impact he had in science and on people.